Effectively manage and sell your consultations through a single app and increase your revenue and customer base.
Turn your expertise into a financial cash flow.



A global view of your planned sessions with integration of your holidays and availabilities.


Time zone smart management

Show your availabilities in your guest's time zone with intelligent time zone detection



The app manages one-to-one or group meetings, online or in your office. You can create private sessions or let your clients plan individual slots


Payments management

Payments as well as rescheduling and cancellation fees are managed automatically based on your predefined rules


Integrated Video Conferencing and Zoom

Video conferencing is integrated into the application with the possibility of using Zoom directly from the application.


Integration into your website

Possibility of integrating a link on your website to help your clients book sessions and pay automatically.

How it works

Once you fill your profile, payment details and sessions subjects,
you can start selling your expertise


Register / Log In To Our Platform

Fill out your profile and configure your payment method to receive your fees automatically.


Create session subjects

Define the subjects of your consultations, with the corresponding descriptions, prices and durations


Share your profil

Share your profile or the details of your sessions with your customers and on social networks.

App Screenshots

PayMeet Pro helps you offer your consulting and coaching services and to secure the payment of your fees in advance.
Turn your know how into in new cash flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In the "PayMeet Pro" application, the professional must configure his availability, the payment gateway as well as the subjects of his sessions (where he will indicate a duration, a price and a description), once configuration completed he will be visible for search and booking by the customers , he can also share his profile or the subjects of his sessions in the social networks.

Your client pays the session fees to book a time slot, and after three days of the end of the session you can transfer your earnings to your bank account, however for the first consultation you should allow a week before receiving your earnings in your bank account

The PayMeet application is free, however there are commission fees associated with the cost of transferring money to the consultant's bank account and processing the various payment methods and currency conversion.

No bank or credit card data is stored in the application, all financial transactions will be done through the worldwide payment gateway "Stripe Inc".

There is a multilangue application for customers ("Paymeet") which integrates the search function, booking, payment and video call for online sessions. The profiles of the consultants will be visible on a marketplace for a worldwide visibility.

There is an application for companies ("Paymeet Admin") which integrates the creation and management of consultants, as well as the management and collection of payments, so the consultant who depends on an organization will not have a control on the financial part.

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